Trusting Your Support System

Trusting Your Support System


Friends Are The Best Support System

Hey you made it! I am glad I can borrow your time for about 15 minutes. I wanted to speak on that one supportive friend you have that no matter what you are going through, they are there to always help you through it. Many of us have a lot of people to depend on but more often than not most of us only have a few that can fill that "shoulder to lean on, support system" void.

Let's listen together and think about the friend that helps the most, they deserve all of the love you can give them. These friends are the ones that never want anything in return but your friendship. That alone is hard to come by in 2023, the world has grown to be "out for self". It's like you hold the door open and they just walk right in, without saying a thank you. It's all about what "I NEED", what "I WANT", "HOW DOES YOUR PRESENCE, BENEFIT ME" It truly is a sad reality.

It feels like if you have a slight dilemma or personal internal problems like mental health or physical deficiencies. No one seems to have time for you until it is too late. THAT IS WHY, I felt this episode needed to happen because even though I'm a tough individual, I myself have days where I need a shoulder. Never feel like you are weak for needing help, we are only human and humans need support to get back up and stand tall. So without keeping you from this special episode, sit back and talk it out with me.


Embrace the power of emotional, financial, and physical support in nurturing meaningful friendships. Whether it's lending an empathetic ear, extending a helping hand, or simply being present, your support can make a significant impact in someone's life. Let's all be the supportive friend who fosters a community of kindness and compassion. Tune in to our podcast and be inspired to pay it forward, one act of support at a time!




A Few Take-A-Ways From Creating & Keeping A Supportive Friendship

The Importance of Emotional Support in Friendships
Sometimes, all we need is a listening ear and a compassionate heart. Discover the true value of emotional support as we share heartwarming stories of friends who have been there during our darkest moments. Learn how to provide a safe space for your loved ones.

Extending a Helping Hand: Financial Support
In times of financial struggle, a supportive friend can be a lifeline. Explore the power of financial support and how small gestures can make a significant difference in someone's life. From crowdfunding initiatives to assisting with everyday expenses, discover the ways you can offer financial support to your friends when they need it most. (DO NOT ABUSE THIS OPTION) I see too many people look at friendships as a come up.

Shoulder to Lean On: Physical Support
Physical support goes beyond words and money – it's about being there in person when it matters. We discuss the significance of physical support, from lending a helping hand during a move to offering comfort through a simple hug. Use call-to-action triggers like "Be the friend who shows up when it counts. Tune in to our podcast now!" to inspire others to be present for their friends.

Building Meaningful Friendships Through Support
Learn how being a supportive friend can strengthen the bond between you and your companions.

Paying It Forward: The Ripple Effect of Support
Discover the beautiful ripple effect of being a supportive friend. When we offer kindness and assistance, it often inspires others to do the same.

*I haven't made any new episodes, life gets busy and it's hard to manage everything that I have going on but if you feel I should start back up again. Comment below, I think I need a push and you can be part of my podcast too! Send me ideas you would like me to cover and maybe even guest star in future episodes!

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